Month: November 2003

  • i hate texas weather!

    So, the weather deities are playing cruel, cruel jokes on us here in Texas. Last week, the temperatures during the day were in the 70's and 80's, not so much winter weather. Last Friday, we finally got a cold front, and the temperature during the day was 40's to 50's, which is much nicer than […]

  • long time, no post

    phew. It must be near the end of the semester again since I haven't posted to the blog in two weeks now. Papers and reports due nearly every day drive me up the wall. A hint of my craptastic school work schedule, you ask? 21 page paper draft turned in on November 11th 10 page […]

  • Hooray for Ring Day!

    Well, yesterday was Aggie Ring Day, and I finally got my ring. Yes, it says Class of 2002. Yes, I'm old. No, I don't care that I'm old. I'm told that I am the cranky old guy on the street. To quote Jeff, I could often be found yelling “You kids get off my lawn!”. […]