i hate texas weather!

So, the weather deities are playing cruel, cruel jokes on us here in Texas. Last week, the temperatures during the day were in the 70's and 80's, not so much winter weather. Last Friday, we finally got a cold front, and the temperature during the day was 40's to 50's, which is much nicer than what it was. Night time temps got to the mid 20's. Now, today, I had a sweater on this morning, and it's definitely back up to 72F right now.


Thanks for listening to my rant.

long time, no post

phew. It must be near the end of the semester again since I haven't posted to the blog in two weeks now. Papers and reports due nearly every day drive me up the wall.

A hint of my craptastic school work schedule, you ask?

  • 21 page paper draft turned in on November 11th
  • 10 page paper due on November 14th
  • two other ~20 page paper drafts reviewed by November 18th
  • 15 page paper turned in on November 18th
  • Statistics test this past Wednesday, November 19th
  • Antenna construction demonstration on November 25th
  • 40 page paper due on November 25th
  • 21 page paper final version due on December 1st
  • A final exam on December 2nd (Oops, that's December 12th. My handwriting sucks!)
  • Another final exam on December 4th
  • Possibly another final exam on December 4th (Hooray! It got postponed to December 15th!)
  • book review of a 1200 page telecom law book due on December 4th

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff in there somewhere. Taking 17 hours in one semester and working is way too much, and the scary thing is I'll be taking 14 hours next semester. (Well, I may actually be doing 17 again, but we'll see about that. At least one of my credits next semester is just a kinesiology class; hooray for badminton!)

At any rate, on the “cool-stuff” front, Bill Nye (“the Science Guy”) will be speaking at TAMU as part of the Texas BEST gathering going on right now. Glad to see someone out there still promoting being a nerd to little kids… we need more nerds!

Hooray for Ring Day!

Well, yesterday was Aggie Ring Day, and I finally got my ring. Yes, it says Class of 2002. Yes, I'm old. No, I don't care that I'm old. I'm told that I am the cranky old guy on the street. To quote Jeff, I could often be found yelling “You kids get off my lawn!”.

Anyway, so I have my ring. Should have pictures of the event online in the gallery tonight. I'll update this post when I do.

Oh, also, while I'm sitting out at the Assocation of Former Students (they're the people who hand out rings — I'm not a former student yet) I look over to the east west and see a couple of tanks and APCs in the field. I scuttled over there with the camera too, and got some more really random pictures.

Oh! Another rant! The “official” photographers at Ring Day… I asked one of the workers what kind of cameras they were using (since, well, I am a photo nerd). She replies “Digital”. Hrm. She obviously didn’t understand the question. Looking back it looks as if they were “Kodak DCS3200”:http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Kodak/kodak_dc3200.asp cameras. Hooray for using 1 megapixel cameras! I found the head photographer inside using a “Fuji Finepix S1 Pro”:http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Fujifilm/fuji_s1.asp to take my picture. I know he’s probably got it set on 1MP mode, but at least my picture was taken with a decent camera. It’s the little things in life I enjoy. 🙂

*UPDATE*: I’ve finally got the pictures posted “here”:http://www.marius.org/gallery/ringday/.