hooray for movable type!

So I've been working on ways to get my static pages into MT and have followed Brad Choate's instructions as far as creating a second blog to hold static content. So far, so good.

But then came my problem: how to get data from the static blog categories into the main index on the normal blog? I found the tags for MTCategories, MTCategoryArchiveList, and MTCategoryLabel, but that would only pull info out of the main blog!

So, off to Google I went. Lo and behold, someone else had the problem before me and solved it with MTOtherBlog. Have I mentioned I love MT yet?

Oh, and I've donated some money Six Apart, the people who wrote MT. My website will now show up in their “Recently Updated” list every time I make an update. Snazzy, huh? And after a few days, my website will be listed on their Donor List. So, if you're seeing this after clicking my link off the MT webpage, welcome!