Month: October 2003

  • thunderbirds

    Well, as I mentioned the other day, the USAF Thunderbirds came to TAMU today. The show was pretty awesome. I took pictures of them a couple times: coming in and landing, the practice session, the Thunderbirds parked at night, and the actual show. I think the practice session was a little better than the actual […]

  • time changes stink!

    Ugh. It gets dark at 5:30pm. I hate this. The sun is up way before I am (as most of you reading this probably know, I AM NOT a morning person), and at 6:00am it tries to wake me up by blaring through the windows… You know, I don't really have a problem with the […]

  • another week bites the dust

    … and another week goes by the wayside. This week was pretty busy and crappy. Test in my RF Circuit Analysis class, test in my Digital Transmission and Switching class… I'm ready to be done with school once and for all. In other exciting news, the USAF Thunderbirds will be in town to perform at […]

  • jeff is jealous!

    Jeff is jealous of my camera setup and admits it! Film at 11.

  • Sexploration

    Background: One of Diann's classmates is getting married soon, and they're having a lingerie party for her. Now, if you knew this classmate, you would also know that she wouldn't be shocked by your average tacky gift — you have to go way overboard to shock her. We're trying our damnedest. Diann & I had […]

  • another week

    Well, another week almost gone by… And another round of tests gone by too. I hate essay questions, and quasi-ambiguous multiple choice questions. In other exciting news, I've got my wireless pages up in MT. Hooray for yet another short blog entry. 🙂

  • The Basics

    I've always enjoyed photography, and migrated to digital photography in June 2002 with a Fuji Finepix S602Z digital camera. The camera served me well, but with the recent (September 2003) introduction of the Canon Digital Rebel, I've upgraded and gone SLR. The Fuji has gone to a better home courtesy of eBay — it's in […]

  • hooray for movable type!

    So I've been working on ways to get my static pages into MT and have followed Brad Choate's instructions as far as creating a second blog to hold static content. So far, so good. But then came my problem: how to get data from the static blog categories into the main index on the normal […]

  • Pat Robertson – crazy again!

    Since I didn't get enough of Pat Robertson back in July, he's back at it again. I hereby repeat my request that he go jump off a cliff. It will, probably, go unheeded once again, but I can be optimistic.

  • getting things back in order

    Well, I'm still working on getting things punched back in. The FreeBSD pages are back online, as are the Home Automation pages (albeit not much to see in the Home Automation section). I'm still trying to find some time (ha!) to do some HTML and CSS changes to the site to make things look a […]