ahh, (not so) sunny san diego

well, a few weeks ago I went back out to San Diego to visit Diann. She & I took pictures using her new digital camera and I finally got them from her and got them posted.

In other news, yay for almost being done with the first summer session of class!

harry potter rules

just wanted everyone to know that. Picked it up Friday at midnight. Started reading at 11am on Saturday. 16 hours later at 3am I finished it. (Took a two hour nap somewhere in there too)

new favorite tv show

I have a new favorite TV show when the West Wing isn't on: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. This show is great! It's probably the best show you've never heard of. It's based on a Japanese Gameshow (Takeshi's Castle), but apparently TNN Spike TV bought the rights to dub it and play it. Now, that in and of itself, wouldn't be funny, but the dubbing is hilarious! They twist every bit of the translation into a funny and perverse matter. You really should do yourself a favor and watch this. Sunday nights at 8 central, and Saturday nights at 7 central. You'll crack up!

it’s good to be the king (err, nerd)

Well, tonight's weather was unseasonably cool and not humid. Couple that with a new antenna for my wireless access point and my new hammock (did I mention I bought a hammock?) and I've been in my backyard on the computer for the last two hours. Enjoying the moonrise, relaxing with the dogs, and unfortunately reading some stuff for an English class…

Maybe temperatures will be nice again tomorrow night…