Month: June 2003

  • ahh, (not so) sunny san diego

    well, a few weeks ago I went back out to San Diego to visit Diann. She & I took pictures using her new digital camera and I finally got them from her and got them posted. In other news, yay for almost being done with the first summer session of class!

  • harry potter rules

    just wanted everyone to know that. Picked it up Friday at midnight. Started reading at 11am on Saturday. 16 hours later at 3am I finished it. (Took a two hour nap somewhere in there too)

  • new favorite tv show

    I have a new favorite TV show when the West Wing isn't on: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. This show is great! It's probably the best show you've never heard of. It's based on a Japanese Gameshow (Takeshi's Castle), but apparently TNN Spike TV bought the rights to dub it and play it. Now, that in…

  • it’s good to be the king (err, nerd)

    Well, tonight's weather was unseasonably cool and not humid. Couple that with a new antenna for my wireless access point and my new hammock (did I mention I bought a hammock?) and I've been in my backyard on the computer for the last two hours. Enjoying the moonrise, relaxing with the dogs, and unfortunately reading…