so that was fun

Well, that was fun.. Or not. For those of you not in the B/CS area, we just went through a 5 hour power outage. Not just a neighborhood outage, but both cities, as well as Texas A&M. The outage reportedly went all the way to Waco, and east to the Texas/Louisiana border. Crazy stuff. Local news has info about it, as well as more regional coverage. They're now in the process of turning things back up. Yay for having the power back on so I can get my Internet fix.

mmmm go karts

Well, the go-kart day came and went. Lots of people wimped out because of the possibility of rain, but Dave, Philip, Jim and I went to drive. And Dave brought his camera! So there are pictures!. Otherwise not much going on. If you haven't seen the site yet, you've gotta check out the We Love the Iraqi Information Minister website. It's funny, not serious.

nothing new

nothing majorly new to report from here. same old, same old. I did get to see a forum with Madeleine Albright speak yesterday as part of the MSC Wiley Lecture Series. It was a bit shorter than I expected, but it was very interesting none the less. She's quite an amazing person. Oh, I get to go ride go carts tomorrow at Boondocks, which should be a welcome relief.