Year: 2000

  • I’m Back

    Well, obviously I’ve returned from my week-long hiatus in Florida. ISPCon was definitely cool. I’ve gotta say my two favorite things were hearing Avi Freedman (of NetAXS, Akamai, and HavenCo fame) speak about BGP, Peering, and lots of other geeky/nerdy stuff, and I’ve gotta give kudos to the folks at TUCOWS for the great party.…

  • Geek Vacation

    Well, I’ll be out of town next week for some much needed R&R. I’ll be visiting the fine folks at ISPCon and finding out whats going on in my industry, as well as taking some cool classes on nerdy things such as BGP4. So, naturally, the site won’t be updated next week. Oh, you’re used…

  • Site Redesign

    Welcome to the newly redesigned site. I figured I’m not creative enough to do the graphics and HTML, so I based it on SlashCode. It’s what SlashDot is based on. I’ll be posting various things that are cool as far as I’m concerned here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!